Our experienced dentists at Your Dental Office are pleased to be able to offer our patients the cosmetic enhancement of permanent makeup.  The precision techniques and materials needed for a successful application are available through the experienced cosmetic dentists at Your Dental Office.  Permanent makeup is just one more of the many cosmetic procedures available to you at this office, and has proven to be a hit with our valued patients.

Permanent makeup has been available for years, if not widely practiced.  There are many reasons one may wish to have this application, among which are the following:

  • One may have sensitive skin, and be unable to use many commercial products
  • As an enhancement for regenerative dentistry
  • To assist in gaining a more youthful look
  • To better enhance your natural skin pigment in your lips, eyelids or eyebrows
  • Successful masking of skin defects or scars

We have the unique solution for unique YOU – you have only to come in with your wishes and we will be happy to discuss your permanent makeup options with you, and come up with a plan to implement your solution.  We will do any needed allergy testing and discuss anesthesia preferences, and will assist in carefully matching your own skin pigmentation.  In all respects this is a safe procedure in the capable hands of Your Dental Office cosmetic dentists.

You can be on your way to a permanent makeup solution!  Your consultation will be complementary and private.  Schedule your appointment to come visit Your Dental Office today!  239-992-9229